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For this reason, the paper gathers information as to the real magnitude of litigation related to FP-induced damages and injuries. Results confirm said phenomenon to be more wide ranging than it appears through official channels.

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Several courts of law, both in the United States of America USA and in European Union EU Member States as well, have ruled against the use of the maneuver itself, assuming a stance conducive to a presumption of guilt against those doctors and healthcare providers who resorted to KMs or FP during deliveries.

Given how rife FP is in mainstream obstetric practice, it is as if there were a wide gap between obstetric real-life and what official jurisprudence and healthcare institutions-sanctioned official practices are. The authors think that it would be desirable to draft specifically targeted guidelines or recommendations on maneuvers during vaginal delivery, in which to point out exactly what kinds of maneuvering techniques are to lidl slimming raputab absolutely banned and what maneuvers are to be allowed, and under what conditions their application can be considered appropriate.

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