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Hadini Hadini Full Text Available Understanding of child psychology course is a theme that is vital non jittery fat burner an educational institution if he wants to achieve the ultimate goal of education.

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Without a deep understanding of these aspects will be able to make his way education becomes useless, or even can be fatal to a child's life. Because errors in the view of the subsidiary, it would be also wrong in the design or the design of learning, if the design is not in accordance with the spirit of education children of the educational process will be in vain.

Currently it has a lot of studies about child psychology, but generally many of the studies referred to the West, while it is known that the empirical epistemology Western scientific, rationalist and positivist certainly be questioned.

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Therefore there is no other way but to be re-referred to the scientists were able to cover the gap of western methodology. In this case the name of Ibn Sina seems appropriate to refer to his thinking, which is due to its ability to successfully combine empirical dimension to the method of intuition.

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From search results found thoughts about the importance of child psychology, such as thinking about talent, and various inclinations such as the tendency of imitation, play and tendency to compete. Study of Ibn Sina that have for centuries turned out to be legitimized by modern studies of Educational Psychology at the moment.

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Pemahaman tentang psikologi anak tentu saja merupakan sebuah tema yang vital bagi sebuah lembaga pendidikan jika ia ingin mencapai sasaran akhir pendidikan. Tanpa pemahaman yang mendalam terhadap aspek ini akan bisa membuat jalannya pendidikan menjadi sia-sia, atau bahkan bisa berakibat fatal bagi kehidupan si anak.

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Kaalulanguse hindamise kusimused kesalahan dalam melihat entitas anak, maka akan bisa pula salah dalam desain atau dalam rancangan pembelajarannya, jika desain pendidikan tidak sesuai dengan jiwa anak tentu proses pendidikan akan sia-sia. Saat ini memang telah banyak kajian-kajian psikologi tentang.

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