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Appel, Kris A linguist by trade, Kris Appel left government service to pursue entrepreneurship. She knew she wanted to start a company, but she did not have a business idea.

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After researching various technologies available for commercialization, she began to focus on a prototype medical device at the University of Maryland Medical School, which had been developed to help stroke survivors recover their arm movement. The device was based upon emerging science into brain re-training, and was backed by very convincing clinical trials.

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Working closely with University researchers, she licensed the rights to the device, developed a commercial version, and launched it in Today the device is used around the globe, and has helped thousands of stroke and brain injury survivors improve their arm function and way of life.

Kris will tell the story of the device, and how it got from idea to prototype to successful rehabilitation product. Finally, we thank Kris Davis from Colorado Billings, S. Pasionand D. Lanczos, C.

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